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EHRs, Pajama Time and Burnout

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Physicians can spend more time completing administrative tasks in their electronic health record (EHR) than engaging in direct face time with patients. Increasing rates of burnout associated with EHR use necessitate improvements in how EHRs are developed and used. Although EHR design often bears the brunt of the blame for frustrations expressed by physicians, the EHR user experience is influenced by a variety of factors, including decisions made by entities other than the developers and end users, such as regulators, policymakers, and administrators. Identifying these key influences can help create a deeper understanding of the challenges in developing a better EHR user experience. There are multiple opportunities for regulators, policymakers, EHR developers, payers, health system leadership, and users each to make changes to collectively improve the use and efficacy of EHRs.

Read the entire article from the Journal of the American Informatics Association



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