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Our Commitment

As the oldest and largest physician-led organization in the State of Ohio, the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) pledges its commitment to physician health and well-being. Our mission of bringing physicians together for a healthier Ohio is only achievable when we care for the health and wellness of our practitioners across the state. 

The OSMA has identified the importance of Physician Well-Being as one of the pillars in our strategic plan through the following ways:

Advocating for the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship

  • The OSMA is dedicated to addressing the root causes of physician burnout by advocating for legislation that decreases administrative burden and supports the physician-patient relationship

  • Identifying workplace environment problems within systems, processes, and practice that can lead to physician burnout and advocate for changes to promote a culture of wellness which increases patient safety and quality

  • Physician Leadership training

  • Partner and collaborate with State leaders on this issue


Recognizing shared responsibility from healthcare employers and organizations

  • The OSMA will work with hospitals, health systems and physician practices to understand and assume shared responsibility for physician burnout.

  • Identify and share best-in-class programs for promoting and sustaining physician well-being


Building community among physicians through OSMA programming and benefits

  • Annual Meeting and District Meetings

  • Education Symposium

  • Networking meetings

  • Assisting independent practitioners navigate the business of medicine


Promoting individual self-care and resilience

  • Identifying Resources available to physicians for self-care and resilience

  • Working with the Ohio State Medical Board in reducing the stigma and fear of seeking mental health care

  • Creating unique educational programming for the individual physician

  • Promote professionalism

Working with residents and medical students

  • Identify best practices and resources of promoting wellness within the medical schools and residency programs in Ohio

  • Inclusion of residents and medical students in this strategic initiative to prepare and nurture wellness in the State’s future practitioners

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