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Healthcare Workers: Your Mental Health Matters

The Well-Being Checkup And Referral Engagement (CARE) Service is a simple, free, and anonymous checkup of your mental and emotional health. 

Caring for your physical and mental health can help you stay at the top of your game as a healthcare provider. But often the demands of practicing medicine, and life in general, can get in the way. That’s why the Well-Being CARE Service was created—to give all Ohio healthcare professionals a confidential tool to quickly assess your mental and emotional health.


Using CARE is quick and easy:

  1. Take the 10-minute questionnaire to help you assess your current state of mental health and well-being.

  2. A licensed mental health professional will review the answers and you will receive a personalized response with recommendations.

  3. You can choose whether you'd like to connect with the licensed mental health professional to establish a helpful relationship for further action. Participation is free, voluntary and completely anonymous.

Help us spread the word
to ensure every Ohio healthcare provider knows how to access CARE. 

(A Word document will download)

Support the CARE Service
with a sponsorship or monetary donation to help the service reach every healthcare worker in Ohio.

Or contact Jacque Daley-Perrin
Foundation Executive Director 
(614) 527-6762 x245

This service is available at and made available to all Ohio healthcare workers through the OSMA Foundation's partnership with the Ohio Professionals Health Program and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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