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Take the first step to the best you.

The Well-Being Checkup And Referral Engagement (CARE) Service is a simple, free, and anonymous checkup of your mental and emotional health. 

Healthcare workers are experiencing an invisible epidemic, with more than 60 percent of physicians reporting feelings of burnout. While it can be easy to recognize symptoms in patients, it’s not as simple to recognize symptoms in yourself, or know how to address your burnout, anxiety, or depression.

That’s why the Well-Being CARE Service was created—to give all Ohio healthcare professionals is here to give you a free, confidential and anonymous second opinion.


Using CARE is quick and easy:

  1. Take the 10-minute survey – asking about your feelings of anxiety or depression, substance abuse, eating habits, burnout, and energy levels that impact your daily life. This evidence-based survey is meant to give you an objective view of your mental and emotional health.

  2. Receive your personalized assessment – your survey will be reviewed by a licensed mental health professional with Ohio Professionals Health Program (at no point revealing personally-identifiable information).

  3. Decide your next steps – at this time, your survey may just be a benchmark for you, or a wake-up call to seek professional mental health support. Your personalized assessment will include references to licensed counselors and mental health resources, should you need to take the next step.

Help us spread the word
to ensure every Ohio healthcare provider knows how to access CARE. 

400 doctors
die by suicide each year.

60% of doctors
admit to feeling burn out.

Support the CARE Service
with a sponsorship or monetary donation to help the service reach every healthcare worker in Ohio.

Or contact Jacque Daley-Perrin
Foundation Executive Director 
(614) 527-6762 x245

This service is available at and made available to all Ohio healthcare workers through the OSMA Foundation's partnership with the Ohio Professionals Health Program and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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